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STEM Learning Lab

Gracie the dog wearing safety goggles

Gracie, the STEM "Lab Lab" sports her safety doggles. You can set up an appointment to visit her at the link on the right

The STEM Learning Lab is part of the Academic Resource Center (ARC), a federal TRiO Student Support Service program in operation since 1976.

Located in the Science & Engineering (SENG) building, room 217, the mission of the STEM Learning Lab is to improve and advance STEM learning and education of UMass Dartmouth students in order to increase retention and graduation in fields such as Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Engineering, and Physics, and prepare students for careers in STEM fields.

Recognizing that students come with different experiences, backgrounds, and levels of comfort in STEM areas, the Lab focuses on students from underrepresented populations as well as all undergraduate and graduate students. Staff of the STEM Learning Lab strive to provide differentiated support that is tailored to students' needs. The vision is to enhance the students' learning experience and develop them as STEM scholars. Services and resources of the STEM Learning Lab include:

  • Tutoring in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, and Mathematics subjects;
  • Individualized (one-on-one) tutoring, group study spaces, tutoring and activities, and online tutoring for Math courses;
  • Supplemental instruction in collaborations with the colleges;
  • Access to reference material (books, notes, online, etc);
  • Access to computers for related courses and programs;
  • Access to workshops for resumes, time management, use of graphing calculators, and study habits.

Please reach out to John Fernandes at with any questions about the STEM Learning Lab. To schedule an appointment, please  click on the "SCHEDULE APPOINTMENT" button at the top of this page.

Please call the STEM Learning Lab if you can not attend an appointment. Students with 5 missed appointments will be automatically blocked from making additional appointments. 

If you have a Max Missed block on your account, you are required to meet with the Center Director before the block is removed.

STEM Learning Lab


Making a tutoring appointment

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