MUS 128: Fundamentals of Musicianship - fall

General Education requirement: Cultural & Artistic Literacy

Introduction to digital music notation software and music theory fundamentals. The course will include the setup and use of notation software and MIDI technology for the purposes of note entry and playback of scores. Elements of music fundamentals will be integrated into the course design to better prepare students for subsequent music theory and skills courses. The topics of music fundamentals (such as notation of pitch and rhythm, scales, intervals, triads, and Seventh Chords) and skills (solfege singing, rhythm performance, and conducting) will be introduced and reinforced through active music-making and the practice of digital notation. 

12159 01 Lecture 16 3.00
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MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT 10:00 AM EDT 10:50 AM EDT Visual & Perf Arts 229
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