DSC 101: Introduction to Data Science - fall

General Education requirement: 1E - Foundation

Foundational topics in data science. Students will learn a broad range of data science skills applicable across different domains, including social sciences, finance, crime and justice, social networks, and engineering. Students will develop statistical and computational thinking skills, and they will apply these skills to real-world datasets. Specific topics include applied data problems, statistical software, data frames, descriptive statistics, natural language processing, data storage, data merging, linear regression, and data mining. The core skills developed in this course lay a foundation for more advanced coursework in data management, visualization, exploratory data analysis, and machine learning. No prior knowledge of programming or statistics is required.

10677 01 Lecture 30 3.00
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MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT 2:00 PM EDT 3:15 PM EDT Liberal Arts 209
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Class instruction mode: In Person