HON 203: Creating Global Community

Prerequisite: Honors Program Students Only

General Education requirement: 4C - Global Society

Exploration of globalization through its causes and in terms of the economic, cultural and political consequences that have followed. The course approaches this theme from both descriptive and normative perspectives. Topics could include the food revolution and changing global demographics, the internet and its impact on human interaction, climate crisis and global solidarity. May be repeated with change of content.

2023 Spring
Topic: Transnational Terrorism
12060 01 Lecture 20 3.00
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MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT 3:00 PM EDT 5:30 PM EDT LIB-225 Honors Classroom
Instructor: Dilshod Achilov Class status:
Prerequisite: Honors Program Students Only
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Class instruction mode: In Person