CIS 430: Data Mining&Knowl Discov - fall

Prerequisite: CIS 360; C or Better

General Education requirement: Natural Science Technology

Designed to provide students with a solid background in data mining and knowledge discovery concepts, tools, and methodology, as well as their applicability to real world problems. A variety of data mining techniques will be explored including memory-based reasoning, cluster detection, classification, neural networks, and finding understandable knowledge in large sets of real world examples. Some related topics such as web and multimedia mining will be discussed. Students will gain hands-on experience in data mining techniques using various data mining software packages and tools.

2023 Fall
11502 01 Lecture 40 3.00
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MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT 4:30 PM EDT 5:45 PM EDT Science & Engr 109
Instructor: Thomas Gyeera Class status:
Prerequisite: CIS 360; C or Better
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Class instruction mode: In Person