HON 491: APEX/Honors Thesis II - fall

Prerequisite: HON 490

Continuation of APEX work begun in HON490 or equivalent, in partial fulfillment of the University Honors College requirements for graduation as a Commonwealth Scholar. This course may not be used to finish incomplete work that was expected in HON490 or equivalent course. HON491 is taken to engage in activities specified for the second semester of APEX work in the APEX Contract, or work that was added to the scope of the project after the APEX Contract was approved. All University policies on unfinished work and the assignment of incomplete grades applies. The final grade in this course is unrelated to the final grade in HON490 or equivalent. At the conclusion of HON491 students must present their results in an appropriate public forum to receive credit.

2024 Fall
12534 01 Independent Study 50 3.00
Instructor: Amy Shapiro Class status:
Prerequisite: HON 490
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Class instruction mode: In Person