MTH 213: Calc for App Sci & Eng III

Prerequisite: MTH 152 or MTH 154

General Education requirement: Math

An introduction to multivariable and vector calculus. This is the third and the final semester of the Calculus sequence. Topics cover 3-D analytical geometry, partial derivatives, directional derivatives, gradient, applications, multiple integrals, parameterized curves and surfaces, vector fields, line integrals and Green theorem, flux, and divergence, Stokes¿ and the divergence theorems. MTH 213 can be replaced by MTH 211.

2023 Spring
10576 01 Lecture 44 4.00
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MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT 10:00 AM EDT 11:50 AM EDT Science & Engr 207
Instructor: Biyong Luo Class status:
Prerequisite: MTH 152 or MTH 154
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Class instruction mode: In Person