CEN 303: Fluid Mechanics - fall

Prerequisite: EGR 242 C- or Better.

General Education requirement: Natural Science Technology

A first course in fluid mechanics. An introduction to fluid mechanics through the study of the properties, stationary behavior, and flow characteristics of incompressible fluids. The fundamental conservation equations of mass, momentum and energy governing the pressure, velocity and free surface elevation of fluid are a course focus. Hydrostatic forces, pipe flow, basic pump and turbine theory are examples of water resource engineering application covered.

2023 Fall
10914 01 Lecture 30 3.00
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MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT 9:00 AM EDT 9:50 AM EDT Science & Engr 109
Instructor: Jonathan Mellor Class status:
Prerequisite: EGR 242 C- or Better.
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