LAW 686: Mock Trial Competition - spring

Pre-reqs: LAW 510, 511, 545, 546, 550, 576

Simulated trial work in inter-school competitions. Teams of four students participate in regional and national competitions for which they prepare full bench trials. Each student prepares a direct examination, a cross examination, an opening statement or a closing argument, and also serves as a witness. The number of teams and competitions will be determined by student demand and school funding. During the fall semester, case problems are released by the American Association for Justice STAC Competition and the National Criminal Justice Trial Advocacy Competition. Competitions take place during the mid-Spring semester. Of the 90 credits required for graduation, students are required to earn at least 65 in courses that meet in regularly scheduled class sessions. This course does not count toward the 65 credit requirement or the practice distribution requirement.

2024 Spring
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Instructor: Erica Sylvia Class status:
Pre-reqs: LAW 510, 511, 545, 546, 550, 576
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