PSC 349: Pol Sci Research Methods - spring

Prerequisite: PSC 249 or permission of instructor

General Education requirement: Information Computer Literacy

Students will learn how to study politics "scientifically" using theories, hypotheses, and concepts to explore the relationships among variables. Students will also learn how to define and critique concepts commonly used in professional journals. The course includes an overview of descriptive statistics using the SPSS software, exposure to some inferential statistics, and their application to data analysis in Political Science. Students learn how to present quantitative data in a manner consistent with the expectations of the discipline.

2024 Spring
10522 01 Lecture 25 3.00
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MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT 1:00 PM EST 1:50 PM EST Liberal Arts 203
Instructor: Douglas Roscoe Class status:
Prerequisite: PSC 249 or permission of instructor
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Class instruction mode: In Person