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Course Approval Requests


Faculty who wish to submit a course for approval to fulfill a University Studies requirement should email the Master Syllabus and Sponsor Sheet to the Assistant Director of General Education, Matt Sneider.

To complete the application, the following items need to be included:

  1. Master Syllabus: Under the Supporting Materials section, there is a template to be used for the Master Syllabus. This annotated template provides extenstive instructions on how to complete each section of the Master Syllabus.
  2. Faculty and Chair Sponsor Sheet: This Sheet describes a set of responsibilities the faculty and chair agree to uphold as part of having an approved University Studies course and requires the signature of the sponsoring faculty and the department chair. Completed Sheets can be scanned and emailed along with the Master Syllabus or sent by campus mail.

When approval requests are submitted, they will receive a preliminary review by the Director of General Education. Faculty may be contacted by the Director to make changes or provide additional information. Once cleared by the Director, approval requests will be considered for final approval by the General Education Committee.

Please note that new courses or those undergoing a revision requiring regular curriculum approval (changed description, title, number, etc.) need to be submitted into the regular curriculum review process, which is initiated in the department curriculum committee. The appropriate forms are located in the Faculty Handbook section at the Provost's website. The University Studies review process is not a substitute for regular curriculum review and approval.

Any questions about the approval process should be sent to the Director of General Education, Doug Roscoe.

Supporting Materials