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Courses: Approvals and Syllabi

Course Redesign Resources

Resources for Writing Instruction

Several University Studies requirements engage students in the process of improving their writing. Faculty who are developing or teaching these courses may find these resources helpful.

  • Intermediate Writing Course Criteria - These guidelines, which were approved by the Faculty Senate, set standards for departmental courses designed to fulfill the Cluster 1C Intermediate Writing requirement.
  • Guidelines for Cluster 2B - Science in the Engaged Community, promotes a learning outcome related to communicating scientific information in writing.  These guidelines, created by the Gen Ed Committee, provide standards regarding the Committee's expectations for courses seeking approval for 2B.
  • Annotated Bibliography Writing - A great set of books, articles and websites to help faculty conceptualize, construct and implement writing instruction in their courses.
  • Low Stakes Writing - For large classes, low-stakes writing is a great way to improve student writing without creating an unmanageable grading burden.
  • Dealing With Student Error - Instructors teaching writing courses can sometimes feel daunted by the errors they find in their students' writing. This guide provides practical ideas and tips to help students improve the mechanics of their writing.
  • Paper Comments - That stack of papers can feel pretty overwhelming. This handout offers time-saving strategies for the busy professor who values providing written feedback on student writing.

Advising Materials

  • Advising Guide - Designed to help faculty and advisors as they advise students about the University Studies program.
  • Transfer Student Substitution Policy - Allows most transfer students to substitute general education courses take elsewhere for many of the University Studies requirements.
  • Waiver and Substitution Form - Used by those certifying students for graduation to indicate when they are approving a waiver or substitution of University Studies requirements. This form also includes guidelines for the use of waivers and substitutions.
  • Community Service Form for 5B - This form enables student to complete community service hours to meet the 5B requirement (approved for 2015-2016 only)

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