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Resources for Faculty

UStudies Course Approvals

Course approval requests are initiated through Curriculog. The Course Approval Requests page contains information and documents needed for submitting a request.

UStudies Improvement Program (USIP)

USIP is a process through which faculty teaching in the UStudies program can initiate projects designed to improve student learning to achieve better success on the UStudies learning outcomes.  USIP can be viewed as a type of assessment process and is meant to serve the same purpose as traditional program assessment, though direct measurement of student learning may or may not be part of USIP projects.  The focus is on discovering ways to improve curriculum and instruction, and there is an openness to using many kinds of evidence and information to support changes.  You can learn more about the program and how to submit a project proposal by clicking here.

General Education Committe

The Gen Ed Committee is established by the Faculty Senate to oversee the UStudies program, approve and reapprove courses, and direct program assessment.

Master Syllabi

Master Syllabi for Approved Courses are archived here.

Advising Materials

  • Advising Guide - Designed to help faculty and advisors as they advise students about the UStudies program.
  • Transfer Student Substitution Policy - Allows most transfer students to substitute general education courses take elsewhere for many of the UStudies requirements.
  • Waiver and Substitution Form - Used by those certifying students for graduation to indicate when they are approving a waiver or substitution of UStudies requirements. This form also includes guidelines for the use of waivers and substitutions.
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