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The General Education Committee is responsible for reviewing courses for inclusion in the Unviersity Studies program and making recommendations about changes to the general education curriculum. In addition, the Committee plays an important advisory and oversight role in program assessment, assuring students are meeting the goals and intended outcomes of the University Studies program.

General Education Committee 2021-2022

Kellyann Kowalski Management & Marketing BUS May-22
David Kagan Physics EGR May-22
Stan Harrison English HUM May-22
Marni Kellog Community Nursing NUR May-22
Bo Dong Mathematics NSCI May-22
Rob Darst Political Science SSCI May-22
Yoon Soo Lee Art & Design VPA May-22
Paul Bacdayan Management and Marketing BUS May-23
Al Hirshfeld Physics EGR May-23
Alexis Teagarden English Dept HUM May-23
Mirinda Brown Tyo Adult Nursing  NUR May-23
Tara Rajaniemi Biology NSCI May-23
Trina Kershaw Psychology Department SSCI May-23
Jing Wang Music VPA May-23

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