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Law JD

As a law student, you’ll master essential legal skills, learn the fundamentals of statutory and case law, and explore new and emerging areas of practice. Your preparation begins with our simulation-based Legal Skills sequence of courses and culminates in real-world clinic, internship, and pro bono opportunities.

You'll develop a professional identity, becoming familiar with the practice of law as you improve your skills in interviewing and counseling, case planning, direct representation, and dealing with ethical issues that arise in practice.

The integration of knowledge, theory, ethics, and skills will prepare you to thrive in the changing legal profession.

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To earn your Juris Doctor (JD) degree, you must:

  • Complete 90 course credits
  • Successfully complete all curricular requirements
  • Satisfy all probationary requirements
  • Fulfill all financial obligations to the university

Full-time and part-time programs

Traditional full-time day program: takes 3 years to complete.

Part-time day program: takes about 4½ years to complete. Designed for students who cannot devote full time to the study of law but who would find the evening/weekend program inconvenient.

Evening/weekend program: takes about 4½ years to complete. Designed for students who cannot attend a traditional program; offered in the evening, Monday through Thursday, and during the day, on Saturday.

Summer sessions: You may accelerate your course of studies by taking courses during the summer sessions. By taking advantage of these sessions every summer, full-time students can complete their studies in 2½ years, and part-time students in 4 years.

Joint degree programs

The development of legal skills and ethical values is central to your legal education.

While providing quality legal representation to clients, you have the opportunity to develop technical lawyering skills as well as to grapple with the ethical issues that present themselves daily in the practice of law. This experience is a prime way for you to put into action the knowledge you have gained during your classroom experience.

Study abroad

Study international and comparative law through our exchange program with the University of Limerick School of Law.

Post-graduate experience

Justice Bridge is a post-graduate incubator for UMass Law graduates who want to learn how to develop rewarding law practices.