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Limerick Exchange Program

UMass Law study abroad program at the University of Limerick

Shea Hazel, JD '21 at the University of Limerick School of Law in Ireland.

UMass Law offers an exchange program with the University of Limerick School of Law.

The program provides UMass Law students with the opportunity to enroll in subjects they otherwise would not be able to study and to gain exposure to another culture. In particular, UMass Law students can focus on international and comparative law, while Limerick students are exposed to U.S. law.

UMass Law and the University of Limerick School of Law will each accept up to a total of two exchange students per year, for one semester of study each. Standard home institution tuition and fees remain payable to the student’s home institution.

Application process

Students in academic good standing, and not on academic supervision, who have completed at least the equivalent of one year of full-time law study, may petition the Associate Dean to spend a semester at the University of Limerick School of Law.   

Petitions should specify in detail the benefits applicants hope to gain through participation in the exchange program.  

Students interested in participating in the exchange program must petition no later than:

  • February 15 for the following fall semester
  • July 15 for the following spring semester (Note: All slots will likely fill during the fall semester; we will only call for spring semester applications if we do not fill both slots with fall semester visitors.)

Application decisions will be based on academic performance to date and the fit between the student’s and program’s goals. Please note that the best semester to visit is the 3L fall, since a visit that semester is less disruptive to curricular sequencing than a 2L visit, so applicants seeking 3L fall visits may receive preference. Ultimate approval of decisions on admission of visiting students will be made by the host institution. 

Limerick exchange program application (PDF)

Academic program

Students are expected to enroll on a full-time basis (approximately 15 credits/semester) in courses not available to them through their home institution. Currently, the following courses offered at the University of Limerick would fall within this category:

  • Child Law
  • Comparative International Protection of Human Rights Law
  • Comparative Law of Civil Obligations
  • Comparative Legal Research Skills
  • Comparative Legal Systems
  • Comparative Private Law
  • Contemporary Challenges in Medical Law and Ethics
  • Counter Terrorism Law and International Business
  • Crime and Criminal Justice
  • Criminal Justice Processes and Sentencing
  • Global Competition Law
  • International Business Transactions
  • International Criminal Law
  • International Protection of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Introduction to Comparative and European Law
  • Irish & European Labor Law
  • Law of the European Convention of Human Rights
  • Law of European Union
  • Law of International Business Associations
  • Law of International Trade Organisations
  • Media Law
  • Policing and Human Rights

Academic advising

The host institution will designate an academic advisor for each exchange student. It will be the responsibility of each student to obtain prior approval from his or her home institution for courses taken at the host institution. In the case of UMass Law students, students must obtain prior approval of courses from the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at UMass Law.

Transfer credit

The criteria for transferring credit earned through the exchange program to UMass Law are the same as those described in the UMass Law Student Handbook §14 (PDF). Credits earned by UMass Law students for study at Limerick do not count toward the 65 credits in regularly scheduled class sessions required under UMass Law Student Handbook Section 8.

Financial responsibilities 

Standard home institution tuition and fees remain payable to the student’s home institution. Students are also financially responsible for: travel to and from the host institution; books; travel documentation (the host institution will assist exchange students to obtain necessary visas); accommodation and living expenses; health insurance coverage; orientation and international student fees; student activity and other mandatory student fees.


While incoming students will not be guaranteed accommodation on campus, every effort will be made to assist students to obtain accommodation on campus, or alternatively, off-campus accommodation within reasonable distance from the campus.  


Shortly after the conclusion of the study abroad period, student participants will be afforded an opportunity to evaluate in writing the faculty, courses offered, and the quality of the experience at the foreign institution. The foreign institution will return copies of the evaluations to the home institution.

Department travel information

Students participating in the exchange must register with the International Programs Office (IPO) at UMass Dartmouth. The IPO will supply and update students with U.S. State Department Country-Specific Information, including any Travel Warnings or Alerts, for Ireland.

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