Admissions criteria

What we look for in our applicants

UMass Law seeks students with varied backgrounds and experiences. We do not favor any particular pre-law course of study.

During the admissions process, we evaluate each applicant as an individual to assure that your abilities and potential are truly recognized. Since we believe that our future students are more than a set of numbers, we admit students based upon a thorough evaluation of all factors in your file. We give careful consideration to your:

  • professional experience
  • unusual achievements
  • special circumstances
  • honors
  • economic hardship
  • undergraduate degree
  • undergraduate school
  • graduate degree
  • graduate school
  • grade trends

Additional criteria

In addition to using LSAT and undergraduate GPA to review applications, the Admissions Committee has established four non-academic criteria:

Civic Engagement & Service - Involvement in community(ies), volunteer work, etc. This matters because we seek to enroll students who will contribute meaningfully to UMass and to their communities after graduation.

Diversity - Ideological, political, ethnic, racial, sexual orientation, nationality, socio-economic. This matters because we are looking for individuals who will bring unique perspectives to UMass to enrich the learning and social environment.

Commitment - Demonstrated through substantial work history; attainment of specialized skill/athletic prowess; military service; and the like. This matters because we are looking for students with the demonstrated capacity to see something through and to persevere through adversity.

Professionalism - Judgment, problem-solving, innovation, initiative, maturity. This matters because we are looking for students who possess aptitude for enhancing their own professional development.

The Admissions Committee identified these non-numeric criteria that embody the Mission and Core Values of the Law School, on which all applicants can be evaluated.  

Who we accept

Applicants selected for admission bring many attributes to UMass Law, such as:

  • good academic credentials
  • personal and professional experience
  • strong analytical and problem solving abilities
  • strong writing skills
  • oral communication and listening abilities
  • general research skills
  • the desire to promote justice and serve others