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Degree programs & requirements

Degree requirements

To earn your Juris Doctor (JD) degree, you must:

  • Complete 90 course credits
  • Successfully complete all curricular requirements
  • Satisfy all probationary requirements
  • Fulfill all financial obligations to the university

Degree programs

UMass Law offers three programs leading to the Juris Doctor degree, as well as joint degree programs: 3+3 baccalaureate/JD, JD/MBA, JD/Public Policy, JD/Master of Social Work.   

Traditional full-time day program: takes 3 years to complete.

Part-time day program: takes about 4½ years to complete. Designed for students who cannot devote full time to the study of law but who would find the evening/weekend program inconvenient.

Evening/weekend program: takes about 4½ years to complete. Designed for students who cannot attend a traditional program; offered in the evening, Monday through Thursday, and during the day, on Saturday.

Summer sessions: accelerate your studies

You may accelerate your course of studies by taking courses during the summer sessions. By taking advantage of these sessions every summer, full-time students can complete their studies in 2½ years, and part-time students in 4 years.

Joint degree programs

UMass Law offers:

Study abroad

Study international and comparative law through our exchange program with the University of Limerick School of Law.

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