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Degree Programs & Requirements

Degree requirements

The following requirements must be satisfied in order to earn your Juris Doctor (JD) degree:

  • Completion of 90 credit hours, at least 65 of which were earned in regularly scheduled class sessions (see Student Handbook [PDF] Sec. 8).
  • Minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.3. (If a student’s cumulative grade point average after 90 credit hours is below 2.3, the student may be continued in courses for an additional semester on such conditions as are determined by the faculty.)
  • Passing grades in all required courses.
  • Satisfaction of the Code, Foundation, Practice, and Upper-Level Writing requirements identified in the UMass Law curriculum on the Law Enrollment Center.
  • Satisfaction of all applicable probationary or supervisory conditions.
  • Satisfaction of all financial obligations to the university.
  • Completion of the MPRE Graduation Requirement.
  • Completion of the pro bono requirement.
  • Completion of the career counseling requirements.
  • Resolution of any complaints filed or conditions imposed by the Office of Student Conduct and Dispute Resolution.
  • Completion of financial aid exit counseling, if applicable, as directed by UMass Law financial aid staff.

Degree programs

UMass Law offers three programs leading to the Juris Doctor degree, as well as joint degree programs: 3+3 baccalaureate/JD, JD/MBA, JD/Public Policy, JD/Master of Social Work.

Traditional full-time day program: takes 3 years to complete.

Part-time day program: Designed for students who cannot devote full time to the study of law but who would find the evening/weekend program inconvenient.

Evening/weekend program: Designed for students who cannot attend a traditional program; offered in the evening, Monday through Thursday, and during the day, on Saturday.

Summer sessions: accelerate your studies

You may accelerate your course of studies by taking courses during the summer sessions. By taking advantage of these sessions every summer, full-time students can complete their studies in 2½ years, and part-time students in 4 years.

Joint degree programs

UMass Law offers:

Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE) Graduation Requirement

For information on the MPRE preparation course and reporting MPRE registration and results, please visit MPRE Graduation Requirement.

Study abroad

Study international and comparative law through our exchange program with the University of Limerick School of Law in Ireland or Universidade Católica Portuguesa in Portugal.

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