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Public Interest Law Fellowships - a 50% scholarship for both tuition and fees offered to entering students who are interested in working in a public interest field upon graduation.

Commonwealth Fellows Program - an automatic scholarship offered to incoming students who are Massachusetts residents or attended a Massachusetts public college or university and who meet the qualifying criteria.

UMass Law scholarships are not conditioned on students maintaining any particular grade point average or elevated class standing. Our philosophy is that students should have the freedom to pursue justice in their chosen field, so we guarantee you will retain your scholarship for as long as you're enrolled at UMass Law.


These scholarships are based on past academic performance and evidence of exceptional promise in a legal career. All accepted applicants are automatically considered and notified at the time of acceptance. There is no separate application.

Students are awarded a three-year to five-year scholarship depending on full- or part-time status, renewed annually.

Donors annually fund miscellaneous scholarships in varying amounts. The Law Scholarship Selection Committee chooses recipients from a pool of eligible students for each available scholarship as is applicable.

The Honorable George Jacobs Law School Scholarship, Karen Gesmondi Memorial Scholarship, and Mark Creedon Memorial Jessup Moot Court Endowment are examples of scholarships that are awarded annually.

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Eligible students are invited to apply for the annual Hoff Law Scholarship or Fellowship. The award is $6,000, and the number of scholarships offered varies per award year. Students must meet scholarship terms and conditions to be eligible.

Continuation of Hoff Law Scholarships/Fellowships depends on a student’s continued satisfactory performance and financial eligibility.

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Law Financial Aid Services updates information about relevant outside scholarships as they become available. 

On the AccessLex Law School Scholarship Databank you can search over 800 carefully curated and vetted scholarship opportunities and writing competitions. Other scholarship search sites include,, and All are available free of charge.

Bar associations, corporations and some organizations to which you or members of your family belong offer scholarships and loans to law students.. We encourage you to research these potential opportunities for additional financial support.

NOTE: Outside scholarships are counted as financial resources when calculating eligibility for funds based on your total cost of attendance budget. Your cost of attendance budget, determined by enrollment and residency, is listed under the Financial Aid tab in your COIN account at myUMassD or can obtained by contacting Financial Aid.

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