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Financial Aid

UMass Law offers scholarships, loan programs, and payment plans to help students and their families with educational expenses. Our financial aid staff is prepared to assist you in learning what is available and how to access needed funding for your studies.

Apply for financial aid

Learn more about UMass Law's process: how to apply for financial aid.

Types of financial aid

Detailed information about each of the programs, including application procedures, is available from the Financial Aid staff. 

Scholarships & Fellowships

Public Interest Law Fellowships - Offered to entering students who are interested in working in a public interest field upon graduation.

Commonwealth Fellows Program - Offered to incoming students who are Massachusetts residents or attended a Massachusetts public college or university and who meet the qualifying criteria.

Scholarships - UMass Law also offers academic merit scholarships.

Federal Direct Loans

UMass Law participates in the federal Title IV Direct Loan program, offering Unsubsidized and Graduate Plus loans.

Learn more about Federal Direct Loans.

Bar exam fee loans & bar study loans

Federal Direct Loan funds may be available for the direct cost of one bar examination.

Federal loans are not available for expenses incurred by law students while studying for the bar exam; however, other lenders do offer bar study loans.

Learn more about bar exam fee and study loans.

Payment plan

Learn more about UMass Law payment plan.

Private educational loans

While we strongly advise students to borrow through the federal loan program, we recognize that under certain exceptional circumstances, a private education loan is necessary.

Learn more about private educational loans.

More information

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