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Human Rights at Home Clinic

The Human Rights at Home Clinic focuses on securing fundamental human rights for individuals with limited means within the United States. Viewing unmet needs through the lens of human rights advocacy shifts the perspective from creating a right (such as the right to safety or education) to advocating because fundamental rights are inherent in all human beings.

The clinic is designed to provide flexibility of projects and cases so that students may respond to needs as they currently exist or as they arise. For example, students may work on policy issues for national, state, or local organizations that seek change for marginalized groups.

In addition, students may work on legal issues for individual local community members who could not otherwise afford counsel, such as those who have experienced intimate partner abuse. All clinic work will be centered on improving life for those who have been marginalized in our society.

  • 3-credit option - 10 hours per week
  • 4-credit option - 13.5 hours per week
  • 5-credit option - 16.5 hours per week
  • 6-credit option - 20 hours per week

Hours include the two-hour required seminar. 

Co- or Prerequisite: Professional Responsibility (Law 525) or having passed the MPRE with a score of 85 or higher. Permission of the instructor is required for admission into the clinic.

Note: Eligibility for Rule 3:03 licensing is NOT required.

If you’re interested: Contact the Clinical Programs Coordinator.

To apply: Complete the Human Rights at Home student application and the Clinical Programs Application Form.

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