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Non-degree special students


UMass Dartmouth offers individuals the chance to enroll in graduate courses, as Non-Degree Special Students, without applying for admission to a graduate program. Non-degree students who later become graduate degree candidates will receive credit for the non-degree graduate courses if completed successfully and suitable for the graduate program. Most programs limit the number of non-degree credits a student may use toward a degree.

When to register:

Non-degree special students may register after the conclusion of the registration period offered to regular students. That date falls on approximately December 1 for upcoming Spring classes and May 15 for upcoming Fall classes.

How to register for a class as a Non-Degree Special Student:

  1. Download a Non-Degree Special Student registration form (PDF).
  2. Consult the Office of Graduate Studies & Admissions or the relevant Graduate Program Director, as appropriate.
  3. Select your course (see course listings Full course listings and Online & Continuing Education course listings).
  4. Fill in the form and get the required signature; it may be most effective to take it to the first class to talk to the instructor.
  5. If you have sufficient background to enroll and there is room in the course, the instructor will sign the form.
  6. Take the signed form to the One Stop Enrollment Center in the lobby of the Foster Administration Building, and register by paying the tuition and fees.

Enrolling in a graduate class as a non-degree student requires permission of the instructor and/or the director of the specific graduate program. Each department has different procedures, so you might first consult the Office of Graduate Studies & Admissions at 508.999.8604. If you are considering taking a sequence of graduate courses in a certain academic area, it is best to get the advice of the Graduate Program Director.

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