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Owens and Tabor Represent UMass Law at Northeastern Conference

UMass Law professors Lisa Owens and AnnaMarie Tabor present at Northeastern University

Geoffrey McDonald
McDonald Interviewed on the Purdue Pharma Bankruptcy Case

Professor McDonald was interviewed on the Purdue Pharma bankruptcy case, which brings attention to the opioid epidemic.

UMass Law Adjunct Professor Judge George Phelan Reflects on a Busy 2023 and His Unlikely Path to the Judiciary

Judge George Phelan reflects on a busy 2023, while focusing on the year ahead.

Case argued at U.S. Supreme Court
U.S. Supreme Court hears maritime insurance case researched by Jonathan Goldman, JD '21

First maritime law case heard by the Court in nearly 70 years could change insurance rulings across the U.S.

Prof. Shaun Spencer
Spencer Argues at Supreme Judicial Court on Alimony Law

UMass Law’s Shaun Spencer argued before the Mass. Supreme Judicial Court that the state’s alimony law should allow alimony awards that maintain patterns of savings that the parties followed during their marriage.

Anna Marie Tabor
Tabor Testifies Before ERISA Advisory Council on Record Keeping in the Digital Age

Professor Anna-Marie Tabor tells the U.S. Department of Labor’s ERISA Advisory Council why retirees need stronger benefit protections.

Faisal Chaudhry, taken 3/1/23
Chaudhry Presents in Berlin on Real Estate Taxation

Professor Chaudhry presented his latest research on real estate taxation and affordable housing in Berlin.

Held on November 4, 2023
UMass Law students assist newly arrived migrant families in MA shelter

Students experienced real-world issues in international law

Justine Dunlap
Dunlap joins the Executive Committee of the Massachusetts Access to Justice Commission

UMass Law Professor Justine Dunlap joined the executive committee of the Massachusetts Access to Justice Commission.

UMass Law and Nichols College establish an accelerated law degree partnership

Nichols becomes the 16th institution to offer a joint undergraduate and UMass Law degree in six years

Sylvia Discusses the Legal Ramifications of Using Generative Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace

With conversational and generative AI systems like ChatGPT on the rise, Professor Sylvia gave a talk on the ramifications of using artificial intelligence in the professional sphere.

Lisa Owens
Owens Publishes a New Article in Special Issue of Frontiers in Sociology

Professor Owens recently published a new Article in a special issue of Frontiers in Sociology on Ethnography in the Open Science and Digital Age. The Article, Encountering Deception in Virtual Spaces: Guidelines for Virtual Ethnography, draws from an experience of deception in virtual fieldwork and considers implications for those designing methodologies for virtual ethnographies.

Lisa Owens
Owens Publishes “The Court of Student Excuses” in a Teaching Resources & Innovation Library

Professor Owens recently published a discussion-based activity she developed to help students learn more about the function and concepts of law and society. The exercise encourages students to build a new ‘court’ in the classroom which will adjudicate the excuses that students communicate to instructors.

Lisa Owens
Owens Serves as Judge in Harvard Law School’s Inaugural Mock Trial Tournament

Professor Owens was invited to serve as a judge in Harvard Law School’s inaugural mock trial tournament. The tournament brought together 24 mock trial teams from law schools across the country.

Geoffrey McDonald
McDonald Publishes on Bankruptcy Solutions to Homelessness in the Yale Law & Policy Review

Professor McDonald published an article on bankruptcy solutions to homelessness in the Yale Law and Policy Review.

Ralph Clifford, UMass Law faculty
Clifford Submits an Amicus Brief to the U.S. Supreme Court on Real Estate Tax Foreclosure Systems

Professor Ralph Clifford submitted an amicus brief to the U.S. Supreme Court that argues that real estate tax foreclosure systems are unconstitutional.

Owens Presents on Expert Housing Policy Panel

On an expert panel called “Good Intentions vs. Good Laws: Why Housing Advocacy Matters”, Professor Lisa Lucile Owens discussed the Housing Choice Voucher Program and its strengths and shortcomings.

Danielle Owens (l) and Camaran Pottinger
UMass Law BLSA Moot Court and Mock Trial teams make a strong showing at regional competition

Black Law Students Association Moot Court Team wins Best Petitioner Brief Award in first appearance at the event

Lisa Owens
Owens Leads Legal Workshop for New Bedford Entrepreneurs

Professor Owens led a workshop to help local New Bedford entrepreneurs with the legal challenges of starting a business.

UMass Law building, 850x480
Newly released American Bar Association data establishes UMass Law as one of the nation’s fastest-growing law schools

Ranks 3rd in U.S. for enrollment growth while setting record high LSATs and UGPAs and maintaining the smallest class sizes and most affordable tuition of any MA law school

Phelan Looks Back on an Accomplished 2022

UMass Law Adjunct faculty member Judge George Phelan looks back on an accomplished year.

Shaun Spencer examines a new era of law, technology, and privacy

UMass Law Associate Dean Shaun Spencer informs emerging debates over the appropriate regulation of privacy, technology, and information policy

Strong year of growth for UMass Law

In 2022, UMass Law reached record high LSATs and UGPAs while expanding enrollment, adding 3+3 programs, and pursuing justice

Margaret Drew
Drew Participates in the ABA’s HIV/AIDS Impact Project Discussions

Professor Margaret Drew was invited to participate in a series of discussions hosted by the American Bar Association in honor of World Aids Day.

Prof. Shaun Spencer
Spencer Presents on the EU-US Data Privacy Framework

UMass Law’s Shaun Spencer presented on the EU-US Data Privacy Framework and the history of US surveillance regulation.