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Work with Immigrant Workers

David Rolando Oliva is a Advisory Board member of the Labor Education Center and a worker leader from El Salvador.

Recent Immigrant Worker Organizing Victories in New Bedford

This is a very exciting time for organizing in SE Mass.  We have had an amazing victory with immigrant recycling workers who organized, and won, an NLRB election with the UFCW 328 at Bob's Tires.  The group came from, and is a strong part of the Community Worker Center in New Bedford, known in Spanish as the CCT.  These are among the most exploited workers in the area and they are now bargaining their first contract.  There has also been an important win at the NORPEL, a seafood processing plant, the immigrant workers there just won a $50,000 settlement negotiated with the National Labor Relations Board. 

The Labor Education Center has supported immigrant workers and their organizations in many ways over the years. 

  • Participating in the Fair Wage project through the MA Attorney General's office to fight wage theft
  • Workshops around worker rights in Spanish, presented in many formats and locations
  • Advocacy in Bus Riders United to have public transit reach underserved areas, in which many immigrants work