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Study French Abroad

Spending a summer immersed in French language study is the best way to:

  • perfect your accent
  • improve your vocabulary
  • practice your grammar
  • absorb the culture
  • keep your mind sharp for the fall school semester

Not only do you get to enjoy your summer in a beautiful location mingling with wonderfully hospitable Francophones, but you will also earn valuable course credit and impress your fellow students with your newly acquired skills.

In order for your French summer experience to count for UMass Dartmouth class credit, students should discuss their study abroad plans with a member of the French faculty.

Start your search for the right summer program at the .

Students can choose to travel abroad or take any number of summer immersion programs, right here in the USA. Please do your own careful research of the respective summer schools, as the Boivin Center assumes no responsibility for quality of the these programs.

Here is a sampling of the enormous variety of intensive French summer programs that exist:

Within the U.S.

In Canada


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