Boivin Center Press Releases


October 2018 Paris in the Present Tense
April 2018 The Art of Breaking Bread with Ciril Hitz
October 2017 Flirting with French
October 2017 An Evening with Pauline Frommer
March 2017 Alan Hoffman
November 2016 Annie Royer and Les Garçons Musettes  ‌
August 2016 A Taste of Senegal
November 2015 Together Again at the Boivin Center
September 2015 An Evening with Kate Betts
August 2015 Laura Morelli
April 2015 Dr. Jeremiah Lowney
March 2015 Kathleen Turner
January 2015 Celebrate 30th Anniversary
December 2014 Mo Willems
December 2014 Sarah Lew Miller
October 2014 Eric Vincent
November 2013 Sophie Michaux & Adam Jacob Simon Concert
November 2013 An Evening in Paris
November 2012 Author Joan Nathan