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Civic Leadership

The Civic Leadership Awards honor UMass Dartmouth students, faculty, staff, and community partners who are working to better our communities.

Award Categories

Community Member Civic Leadership Award

This award recognizes community members who have demonstrated a sustained commitment to civic engagement. Nominees are judged on the depth and scope of their work’s impact on the community or public policy.

Previous recipients of this award are:

2015 Nicholas Christ
2016 Michele Roberts
2017 Dr. Jean MacCormack
2018 Rev. Dr. Robert Lawrence
2019 Rev. David Lima
2020 Dr. Bruce Rose
2022 Corinn Williams
2023 Julie Ramos Gagliardi

Faculty Civic Leadership Award

This award recognizes faculty members for their dedication to creating a bridge between learning and community. Nominees are judged on their work in creating active learning opportunities that benefit both the university and surrounding communities.

Previous recipients of this award are:

2015 Dr. Robert Waxler
2016 Morgan James Peters
2017 Dr. Memory Holloway
2018 Dr. Carlos Benavides
2019 Dr. Jack Chopoorian
2020 Dr. Timothy Shea
2022 Dr. Cristina Mehrtens
2023 Dr. Kevin Stokesbury

Student Civic Leadership Award

This award recognizes students for their contributions to campus and community life. Nominees are judged on the depth of their commitment and the impact of their work.

Previous recipients of this award are:

2015 Jacob Miller
2016 Ausubel Pichardo
2017 Maurice Cyr
2018 Beyanid Cole
2019 Michael Curran
2020 Margaret Sullivan
2021 Isabelle Joseph
2022 Narcisse Kunda
2023 Joshua Keith

Application/Nomination Deadline:

Nominations and self-nominations have been extended and are due by 5:00PM, FRIDAY, APRIL 26, 2024.

Application/Nomination Forms:

Community Member Application/Nomination Form

Faculty Member Application/Nomination Form

Student Application/Nomination Form

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