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The UMass Dartmouth community is made up of several different constituencies who may be interested in civic engagement and active citizenship. Click on a group below to find resources, programs, and opportunities relevant to you. 

Below are some organizations with great information and resources on civic engagement, community service, and service-learning.

Corporation for National and Community Service

An organization supporting service-learning in schools, higher education institutions, and community organizations across the country through grants, training and technical assistance, research and program models, and recognition of outstanding youth service. Learn more

Campus Compact

A national coalition of nearly 1,200 college and university presidents – representing some 6 million students – dedicated to promoting community service, civic engagement, and service-learning in higher education, including sample syllabi for course development. Learn more

Massachusetts Service Alliance

An organization promoting and supporting service and volunteerism by investing public and private resources in community-based organizations that rely upon volunteers and people engaged in service to meet their community’s needs. Learn more

SouthCoast Serves

A collaborative facilitated by UMass Dartmouth and the Leduc Center fostering service and volunteerism to meet the needs of our community by leveraging resources, expertise, and capacity to maximize impact. Learn more

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