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Spring 2020

Subject CodeCatalog NumberSectionClass NumberTitleClass TopicInstructor Name
ACT399110299Internship in Accounting Griffin, Michael
ACT399710112762Internship in Accounting Griffin, Michael
ACT411110301Taxation Osborne, Nancy
ACT411710113961Taxation Osborne, Nancy
AED200113204Method & Materials: Cur Methods Schlemmer, Ross
AED200213205Method & Materials: Cur Methods Schlemmer, Ross
AED411112996Practicum/Seminar - Elementary School Smilan, Cathy
AED4111P112997Practicum/Seminar - Elementary School Schlemmer, Ross
AED412112998Practicum/Seminar - Secondary School Smilan, Cathy
AED4121P112999Practicum/Seminar - Secondary School Schlemmer, Ross
AED414113230Art Ed Non-Licensure Capstone  
AED415113251Special Needs: Current Issues Schlemmer, Ross
AGH302112638Aging and Disability Revell, Andrew
ARH411113191Art & Engagement: Internship Dempsey, Anna
ARH470113412Processing Place Uchill, Rebecca
AXD217113332Social Practice Topics I Neel, Travis
AXD248113339Principles of Game Design Towne, Shawn
AXD256113346Sculpture: Sustainable 3D Design Savage, Stacy Latt
AXD300113350Topics in Art + DesignPublication DesignFairbairn, Janet
AXD348113369Game Design Towne, Shawn
AXD356113374Installation and Public Sculpture Lintala, Eric
AXD452113393Capstone in Graphic Design Fairbairn, Janet
AXD496113479Directed StudyGame Arts RPG DesTowne, Shawn
AXD496213480Directed StudyTabletop Game DesTowne, Shawn
AXD496313481Directed StudyGame Arts PortfolioTowne, Shawn
AXD496613517Directed StudyToy DesignTowne, Shawn
BIO411111006ProseminarCoral Reef BiologyKavanagh, Kathryn
BIO411613955ProseminarBiology of MammalsSheriff, Michael
BIO437112178Evolutionary Biology Kavanagh, Kathryn
CEN491111508Civil Engineering Project Macdonald, Daniel
CEN491111508Civil Engineering Project Taghavy, Amir
CIS499111535Senior Software Engineering Project II Valova, Iren
CJS315110722Research Methods Justice Studies Turcotte, Heather
CJS315210934Research Methods Justice Studies Turcotte, Heather
CJS339112466Racism, Crime & Justice Saleh-Hanna, Viviane
CJS339212467Racism, Crime & Justice Saleh-Hanna, Viviane
CJS400110725Contemporary Topics in Justice Turcotte, Heather
CJS400210726Contemporary Topics in Justice Krafft, Erin
CJS450110727Internship Arford, Tammi
CJS450210728Internship Larson, Eric
CJS450310729Internship Turcotte, Heather
ECE458111480Design Project II Fortier, Paul
ECE4581W11754Design Project II Fortier, Paul
ECE4582W11755Design Project II Fortier, Paul
ECE4583W11756Design Project II Brown, David
ECE4584W11757Design Project II Brown, David
ECE4585W11758Design Project II Viall, Benjamin
ECE4586W11759Design Project II Rancour, David
ECE4587W11760Design Project II Gendron, Paul
ECE4588W11761Design Project II Viall, Benjamin
ECE4589W11762Design Project II McCollough, William
ECO461112651Urban Economics Cosgrove, Sarah
EGR498111437Bioengineer Capstone Design II Fan, Qinguo
EGR4982H11438Bioengineer Capstone Design II Fan, Qinguo
ENL262111204Introduction to Journalism Amaral, Caitlin O'Neil
ENL352110959Public Relations Writing  
ENL363113851Topics in Journalism Amaral, Caitlin O'Neil
ENL369112382Document Design Arrigo, Anthony
ENL397111108Internship Amaral, Caitlin O'Neil
HST101110628History of Western Civilization I Rioux, Paula
HST102710112931History of Western Civilization II Rioux, Paula
HST103210110971World Civilizations I Mehrtens, Cristina
HST104111038World Civilizations II Mehrtens, Cristina
HST201110635Critical Skills for History Majors Rioux, Paula
HST389710113854Topics in World HistoryWomen in World HistoryMehrtens, Cristina
HST392110640Public History in America Rioux, Paula
IAD101113400Interior Architecture & Design I: Introduction Botti-Salitsky, Rose Mary
IAD400113407Interior Architecture & Design Internship Botti-Salitsky, Rose Mary
IAD450113443Thesis Botti-Salitsky, Rose Mary
IAD4501L113444Thesis Botti-Salitsky, Rose Mary
LAR401110619Seminar Multidisciplinary Studies Jackim, Oksana
MGT331110363Project Team Management Kush, Jonathan
MGT331710112810Project Team Management Kush, Jonathan
MGT401110369App Organization & Career Development Einstein, Jacqueline
MGT401210368App Organization & Career Development Einstein, Jacqueline
MGT401710112812App Organization & Career Development  
MGT443110370Human Resource Management Kowalski, Kellyann
MGT492110402Special Topics in ManagementProject PlanningEinstein, Jacqueline
MIS462110327Advanced Information Systems Shea, Timothy
MKT441110385Marketing Management White, D. Steven
MKT442110386Marketing Research Barnes, Nora
MKT442210387Marketing Research Barnes, Nora
MKT442710112823Marketing Research White, D. Steven
MKT443110388Social Media Marketing White, D. Steven
MKT443210429Social Media Marketing White, D. Steven
MNE498111401Mechanical Engineering Design Project II Samandari, Hamed
MNE4982H11586Mechanical Engineering Design Project IIHonorsSamandari, Hamed
MUS155113040Chorus Zhou, Tianxu
MUS164113063Small Vocal Ensemble Zhou, Tianxu
MUS304113103Conductor as Educator Monte, Tobias
MUS317113105Teach Music Secondary School Neelly, Linda
MUS355113041Chorus Zhou, Tianxu
MUS364113064Small Vocal Ensemble Zhou, Tianxu
MUS414113232Practicum in Music Education Neelly, Linda
NUR326710113872Care of Adults Acute & Chronic Medeiros, Kiley
NUR330111895Community Nursing Desroches, Melissa
NUR330710113881Community Nursing Mitchell, Jessica
NUR331111896Exp Learn: Community Nursing Mitchell, Jessica
NUR331750113882Exp Learn: Community NursingClinicalMitchell, Jessica
NUR331750213883Exp Learn: Community NursingClinicalLynch, Shelley
NUR331750313884Exp Learn: Community NursingClinical 
NUR337111899Exp Learn: Child & Family Nursing Kellogg, Marni
NUR340111900Psych Mental Health Nursing Seney, Valerie
NUR341111923Exp Learn: Psych Mental Health Nursing Seney, Valerie
NUR450111902Complex Health Problems Viveiros, Jennifer
POM4151B10343Applied Decison Techniques Rai, Bharatendra
POM415710112795Applied Decison Techniques  
POM445110344Managing Quality Sadeghzadeh, Keivan
POM445710112891Managing Quality Sadeghzadeh, Keivan
POM446110345Process Management Plummer, Brian
POM446710112927Process Management Forker, Laura
POM451710112959Risk Management in Supply Chains Yousefsibdari, Soheil
POM452110407Service Operations Health Care Sadeghzadeh, Keivan
POR399211102Internship Larkosh, Christopher
PSC305110468Political Science Internship Plaw, Avery
PSC305710112911Political Science Internship Plaw, Avery
PSC373112474Cape Verdean Politics & Society Fobanjong, John
PSY390110901Research Methods Developmental Psych Revell, Andrew
PSY417110904Fieldwork Counseling Psychology Masse, Joshua
PSY417210905Fieldwork Counseling Psychology Frazer, Sarah
PSY417312718Fieldwork Counseling Psychology Schierberl Scherr, Anna
REL300212423Adv Topics Religious StudiesGenesis and Its InfluenceSatlow, Jacqueline
SOA111210655Intro Cultural Anthropology Knauer, Lisa Maya
SOA111311140Intro Cultural Anthropology Knauer, Lisa Maya
SOA316111176Research Methods Klimt, Andrea
SOA370112433Photography and Visual Culture Klimt, Andrea
SOA4501B10656Internship Robinson, Robin
SPA305111197Business Spanish Benavides, Carlos
SUS101110474Principles of Sustainability McGuire, Chad
SUS101210475Principles of Sustainability Sylvia, Lydia
WGS101410649Intro Women's & Gender Studies Arruda, Elisabeth
WGS362710113742Women in World History Mehrtens, Cristina

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