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Faculty Fellows

The Service-Learning Faculty Fellows are teachers and scholars committed to developing an academic community knowledgeable in service-learning as well as community-based assets and needs. They provide students with a more involved education through the integration of service-learning into their curriculum.

College of Arts and Sciences

Caitlin Amaral, English & Communication

Nikolay Anguelov, Public Policy

Elisabeth Arruda, Women’s & Gender Studies

Aneesa Baboolal, Crime & Justice Studies

Carlos BenavidesGlobal Languages and Cultures

Yanlai Chen, Mathematics

Robert Darst, Political Science

Megan Fletcher, English & Communication

John Fobanjong, Political Science

Robert Gegear, Biology

Thomas HertweckEnglish & Communication

Alfa Heryudono, Mathematics

Jamie Jacquart, Sustainability

Shannon JenkinsInterim Associate Dean

Robert T. JonesAssociate Provost for Undergraduate and Faculty Affairs

Kathryn Kavanagh, Biology

Lisa Maya Knauer, Sociology/Anthropology

Genevieve KozakBiology

Erin Krafft, Crime & Justice Studies

Vanessa Lovelace, Crime & Justice Studies

Devon Lynch, Economics

Joshua Masse, Psychology

Chad McGuire, Public Policy

Cristina Mehrtens, History

Jennifer Mulnix, Philosophy

Mark Paige, Public Policy

Tania Perez Cano, Global Languages and Cultures

Mwalim Peters, English & Communication

Elizabeth Richardson, Psychology

Paula Rioux, History

Anna Schierberl ScherrPsychology

Michael Sheriff, Biology

Glaucia Silva, Portuguese

Bridget Teboh, History

Heather TurcotteCrime & Justice Studies

Kathryn Wassel, Public Policy

Jason Zysk, English & Communication

Charlton College of Business

Jennifer Dekkers, Management & Marketing

Chan DuInterim Associate Dean

Jacqueline Einstein, Management & Marketing

Michael GriffinAccounting & Finance

Rui Huang, Decision & Information Sciences

Uday Jha, Decision & Information Sciences

Kellyann Kowalski, Management & Marketing

Nancy Osborne, Accounting & Finance

Jennifer Pierce, Management & Marketing

Bharatendra Rai, Decision & Information Sciences

Soheil Sibdari, Decision & Information Sciences

Liang Song, Accounting & Finance

Toby Stapleton, Decision & Information Sciences

D. Steven White, Management & Marketing

College of Engineering

Ramprasad BalasubramanianVice Chancellor for Research and Innovation

Sankha Bhowmick, Mechanical Engineering

Laura Hanzly, Bioengineering

Adnan El-NasanComputer & Information Science

Qinguo Fan, Bioengineering

Donald Foster, Mechanical Engineering

Jonathan Mellor, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Hamed SamandariMechanical Engineering

Ming Shao, Computer & Information Science

Ruolin ZhouElectrical & Computer Engineering

School of Law

Roni Amit, Law

Julie CahillAssistant Dean of Students

Justine Dunlap, Law

Lisa Owens, Law

John QuinnAssistant Dean for Public Interest Law & External Relations

Shaun SpencerAssociate Dean for Academic Affairs

College of Nursing & Health Sciences

Kathleen Elliott, Adult Nursing

Christine Saba, Adult Nursing

Mary Beth Sosa, Adult Nursing

Jennifer Viveiros, Adult Nursing

School for Marine Science & Technology 

Gavin Fay, Fisheries Oceanography

College of Visual and Performing Arts

Rose Mary Botti-SalitskyArt & Design

Anna Dempsey, Art Education, Art History & Media Studies

Aleta Deyo, Art & Design

Walker Downey, Art Education, Art History & Media Studies

Lara Henderson, Art & Design

Memory Holloway, Art Education, Art History & Media Studies

Rebecca Hutchinson, Art & Design

Z. Pamela Karimi, Art Education, Art History & Media Studies

Abigail Masi, Art & Design

Stephanie McGoldrickArt & Design

Ziddi Msangi, Art & Design

Elena Peteva, Art & Design

Allyn Phelps, Music

Ronald Sherwin, Music

Cathy Smilan, Art Education, Art History & Media Studies

Shawn Towne, Art & Design

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