Rose Mary Botti-Salitsky

Rose Mary Botti-Salitsky

Associate Professor / Program Coordinator

Art & Design



College of Visual & Performing Arts 313





This course introduces the students to the principles, elements and history of design. Students will examine and begin to work with the physical and psychological relationships that exist in the environment. Emphasis will be placed on visual literacy and problem solving methodology, building a strong foundation for the design process itself. Various types and progressive levels of design problems will be engaged, all in preparation for subsequent studio courses. Computers will be integrated into this studio. Notes: Workload per week: two hours of lecture, four hours of studio and eight hours of homework.

Focus on the functional and aesthetic requirements of the restaurant/food service and hospitality industry. This course presents the abstract, creative, and philosophical approach to moderate and large-scale design. Students are expected to have creative, competent design solutions while considering budgetary issues and the psychological/emotional responses of users as well as human factors of the physical space.

Study of furniture and interiors from the earliest known examples to present-day. The course will be presented in philosophical, political, and economic contexts, with cross-references to architecture and other applied arts, enabling students to understand the factors which influence design.

Selection of a specific type of design for thesis based on accumulated knowledge and design maturity. This course is devoted to original research programming and documentation. This is a writing-intensive course with each student producing a written program documenting their findings, analysis and recommendations in preparation for Thesis Studio.

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