Carlos Benavides

Associate Professor / Chairperson

Global Languages and Cultures




Liberal Arts 354


1986Universidad Nacional Autónoma de HondurasB.A in Business Administration
1993University of Texas at El Paso M.A in Linguistics
1999University of IowaPhD in Linguistics





Essentials of aural-oral, reading and writing with intensive drilling on pronunciation, intonation and grammar.

Spanish for communication with Spanish-speaking patients and medical professionals in hospitals, clinics, and offices. Practice in the specialized vocabulary that health-care professionals need to interact meaningfully and efficiently with Hispanic patients. Conversation practice in realistic situations through dialogues, interviews, and role-playing.


Online and Continuing Education Courses

Course delivered in Spanish. A critical examination of Spanish language and culture as a pragmatic system and the ways in which student pragmatic development can be enhanced through classroom language instruction and assessment. Topics include theories of second language pragmatic development, approaches to developmental pragmatics research, the development of pragmatics and grammar, differences in pragmatic production and pragmatic comprehension, the relationship between learner contexts and pragmatic development, and the social perceptions underlying participants' interpretation and performance of social acts. The course includes discussion of the Spanish pronominal and verbal systems as well as issues of morphology, semantics, lexicon and discourse as they apply to the teaching and assessment of classroom Spanish from a pragmatic perspective. Students are provided with opportunities to use inquiry skills in the development of both theoretical and applied content.
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Research Interests

  • Hispanic linguistics
  • Morphology, lexical semantics
  • Voseo in Latin America
  • Corpus linguistics
  • Conceptual Structure

Select publications

  • Carlos Benavides (2015).
    Using a Corpus in a 300-level Spanish Grammar Course.
    Foreign Language Annals , 48(2), 218-235.
  • Carlos Benavides (2014).
    Lexicalization and Spanish Derivational Morphology
    Research in Corpus Linguistics, 2, 1-14.
  • Carlos Benavides (2010).
    El componente semántico Trayectoria y los verbos de movimiento en español.”
    Southwest Journal of Linguistics, 28(2), 67-82.
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