Nikolay Anguelov

Assistant Professor

Public Policy




Chase Road Center (128 Chase Road, Dartmouth) 104


2000 Fashion Institute of Technology B.S. in International Trade & Advertising Comm.
2008 Clemson University MPA & M.S. in Applied Economics & Stats
2012 Clemson University Ph.D in Human Development and Family Studies


  • Research Methods
  • Statistics
  • Global Governance

Research interests

  • Global governance and international comparative administration
  • Global environmental regulatory guidelines and their effect on foreign direct investment flows
  • Sustainability issues in production and supply chain management
  • Role local governments play in providing incentives for green and energy efficient operations

Select publications

Anguelov Nikolay (2015).
Economic Sanctions Vs. Soft Power: Lessons from North Korea, Myanmar, and the Middle East
Palgrave Macmillan

Anguelov Nikolay (2014).
Policy and Political Theory in Trade Practice: Multinational Corporations and Global Governments
Palgrave Macmillan

Anguelov Nikolay (2014).
Does the Presence of Multinational Corporations Affect a Country’s Gross Domestic Product?
Global Economy Journal, 14, 11-30.

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