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Cathy Smilan

Professor / MAE Graduate Program Director & Art Education Coordinator

Art Education, Art History & Media Studies


College of Visual & Performing Arts 352A





Practicum experience preparation. This non-credit course is designed to assist students in preparation for the student teaching or non-licensure capstone. This course.covers CVPA education programs (in art and music education) requirements for licensure and degree conferral. Preparation of professional materials such as teaching portfolios, website creation and organization, resumes, and cover letters will be included. An overview ofthe CAP will be presented for licensure candidates and all students will complete the self-evaluation and goal.


Online and Continuing Education Courses

Exploration of current models of practice for art educators in classroom and community settings. This course guides students through the translation of reserach into strategies for teaching practice. Teacher-artists research and desgin pedagogical approaches to teaching art and managing artistic learning spaces, including PK-12 classroom studios, museum education venues and communnity art eduction maker-spaces. Students individually and collaboratively discuss current readings on teaching art and create models of practices as an art eductor resource. Course content additionally serves as a spring-board for further inveistigation in AED 616: Action Research.
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