Mark Paige


Mark Paige, PhD

Associate Professor / Chairperson

Public Policy



Liberal Arts 325


2011University of Wisconsin-MadisonPhD
2007University of Wisconsin-MadisonJD
1997Tufts UniversityBA


  • Education law
  • School finance
  • Special education law




Online and Continuing Education Courses

Examining the foundations of American Education. In this course students will gain a historical and philosophical critical understanding of change in American Education from the colonial times to the present. They will analyze the interdisciplinary nature of the foundations of education with a focus on the intersections of culture, knowledge, and power.

Comprehensive review of legal issues impacting public education in the United States. Attention is given to role of law as an agent of in shaping educational policy and practice in the United States. Topics include constitutional issues as they relate to rights of students, teachers, and parents. The course also assesses various state sources of law (statutes and state court decisions, and regulations) that impact public education. Students gain an understanding of how key concepts in educational policy have been addressed through the law.

Overview of how education is financed in the United States and the national, state, and local strategies used to support education. Students will engage in an analysis of the complexity and magnitude of education as an important resource in the public sector. This course will expose students to a critical understanding of how the American economy provides funding for public education, how funds are administered, and trends toward more efficient utilization of resources.
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Key concepts within organizational theory and leadership practices as they relate to education settings. This course discusses various frameworks through which organizations, including public school systems, can be understood, bridging theory and'practice. It emphasizes the ways in which public schools' organization, leadership, and management of human capital can be leveraged to improve educational equality and student outcomes.
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Research interests

  • Education Law
  • Education Policy
  • Labor Relations

Select publications

  • Paige, Mark A. (2011).
    "Book Review: Freedom of Choice: Vouchers in American Education"
    Teachers College Record
  • Paige, Mark A. (2011).
    "Commentary: Teacher Evaluation Reform: Finding the Forest Through the Trees"
    Teachers College Record
  • Paige, Mark A. (2011).
    "Book Review: Courts & Kids."
    American Journal of Education, 117 (4), 603-606.
  • DeMitchell, Todd F. & Paige, Mark A. (2010).
    “School Uniform: Symbols or Substance? A Law and Policy Analysis.”
    Education Law Reporter, 250(3), 846-1169.
  • Paige, Mark A. (2009).
    Commentary: “The Case for School Law in Teacher Preparation Programs.”
    Teachers College Record

Mark Paige researches legal issues in education and their educational policy dimensions. In particular, he focuses on the law relates to teacher evaluation, collective bargaining, public school finance, as well as special education law.