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Liberal Arts 396H





Exploration of the relationship between scholarly inquiry and community. This course offers a multidisciplinary exploration of the interaction between individuals and communities, bringing in guest scholars from many fields of study to explore the relationship between community and diversity, the relationship between community ethical values and individual ethical values, and the individual responsibilities of scholars. A service-learning component provides a practical application of these issues.

Designed to expand the student's vocabulary considerably, while providing an in-depth review of Portuguese grammar. The goal is for the student to achieve overall language proficiency. The readings will focus on short stories from the diverse Portuguese-speaking world. Compositions on a variety of topics will be assigned weekly. This course is conducted entirely in Portuguese.


Research Interests

  • Teaching and learning Portuguese as a heritage language

Gláucia Silva is a Professor in the Department of Portuguese at UMass Dartmouth. She specializes in heritage and foreign language learning, with a focus on Portuguese. Professor Silva has co-authored four Portuguese language textbooks and is the author of Word Order in Brazilian Portuguese (De Gruyter, 2001/2013). She has also published several scholarly articles and book chapters, both in English and in Portuguese. Her graduate advisees have investigated different aspects related to Portuguese language and linguistics, such as the roles of attitude and motivation in learning Portuguese, service encounters in Portuguese in Massachusetts, gay articulations of desire in Rio de Janeiro, the impact of anxiety on learning Portuguese, using songs in the foreign language classroom, task-based language teaching, mother-child interactions in a bilingual family, among others.

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