Aleta Deyo

Assistant Teaching Professor

Art & Design



College of Visual & Performing Arts 151





Flat pattern drafting process based on manufacturing methods. Bodice, skirt and sleeve slopers drafted and basic pattern manipulations are explored. Unique garment realized in fashion fabric. Participation in the Fashion Show and Sophomore Review is required.

Fashion design fundamentals and inspiration are introduced. Basic silhouettes, including bodices, skirts, and dresses, are draped in muslin on a dress form. All techniques are done in muslin and one original garment is completed in fashion fabric by the end of the term. Participation in the Fashion Show and preliminary judging is required.

Drafting skills using both basic and advanced slopers. The drafting of slopers for the bifurcated leg and knitwear garments will be explored in detail, as will the necessary machines to create professional grade products. Various pattern drafts will be completed, and three coordinating separates (original garment designs) will be produced. Participation in the Fashion Show and preliminary judging is required.

Offered as needed to present material in the design field. The specific topic is stated when the course is scheduled. May be repeated with change of content

Develop an original collection of five garments aimed at a specific market. Students determine the customer profile, price point, and season, create a mood board presenting their research. Creativity and sophisticated design decisions must be evident in all design work, production may begin on garments as part of the development/decision making process. Note: collection will be finished/produced in AXD 378 Fashion Collection: Production in the Spring.

Produce an original collection of five garments. Continuing the collection developed last semester, students use sophisticated techniques and construction skills during the production of their designs into finished garments. Design problems are solved and advanced techniques are covered as needed. A research paper is written and presented. Participation in the Fashion Show judging and the Fashion Show is required.

Advanced special topics in Art+ Design. Topics of interest and relevance to advanced Art+ Design majors. Conceptual exploration and/or professional-level experiences may be related to one or more of the areas of study within the department Course can be repeated with change of content.

Create an original collection. Students determine the customer profile, target market, price point, season and make a presentation descriptive of their research. Sample garments will be presented to a panel of outside industry mentors. Participation in the Fashion show and preliminary Judging is required. The final line plan must meet the approval of the class instructor and program director.

Original collection garments with tech pack and supportive papers for manufacturing. The culmination of four years of work, the collection is the focal point of the portfolio, demonstrating the student's ability in original design, patternmaking, draping and garment production. Advanced techniques are covered as necessitated by the designs. Participation in the fashion show and judging is required.