Chad Mcguire

Professor / Chairperson

Public Policy



128 Chase Road, Dartmouth 202


2003University of San Diego School of LawLL.M.
2000Thomas Jefferson School of LawJ.D.
1997University of Massachusetts, DartmouthB.S.


  • Environmental law
  • Environmental policy
  • Sustainability


Online and Continuing Education Courses

Overview of the major concepts of administrative law. Students are introduced to the foundations of administrative law, sources and limits of administrative power, agency rulemaking and adjudication, and the process of judicial review. The goal of the course is to provide students with a foundation of administrative law principles, as well as the role those principles have in influencing public policy.
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Institutional, political, and normative context of the public policy process. The course introduces students to public policy as a concept and process, the major models of public policy, and the foundations of policy analysis. Students gain an introductory understanding of public policy that serves as a foundation for further study.
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Law and policy issues in the context of the marine environment. The course surveys coastal zone management, offshore resource management, marine pollution, and domestic and international ocean policy. Students are offered a broad perspective on legal and administrative issues affecting the oceans worldwide.
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Overview of the responsibilities of a public administrator in the context of specific areas of public management, to create a context of professional understanding for the public policy professional. Areas include organizational structure; strategic planning; management decision-making; staffing, training, and motivating employees; leadership development; budgeting, program design, implementation, and evaluation; ethical considerations for public managers, and providing support to policy makers.
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Research Activities

  • Coastal Adaptation Strategies
  • Disproportional Impacts of Environmental Policies


Research Interests

  • Climate Change
  • Coastal Management
  • Environmental Justice

Select publications

McGuire, Chad (2020).
Issues in Developing and Implementing an Active Hazard Framework for Coastal Climate Resiliency Planning: A Case Study of US Policy
Palgrave Handbook of Climate Resilient Societies

McGuire, C., & Goodman, M. (2020).
Coastal Resiliency Through Value Capture and Transfer: A Framework Proposal
Coastal Management, 48(2), 57-76.

Lynch, D., McGuire, C., & Smith, J. (2020).
Assessing the US Sulfur Reduction Programme in Massachusetts from an Environmental Justice Framework: Is There Evidence of Disproportionality?
Journal of Environmental Economics and Policy, 9(1), 97-110.

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