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Online Learning Module

The College Positive Online Learning Module was part of an effort to engage middle school students to consider college as a viable opportunity during the pandemic. Our goal is to give youth an idea of what college is like as well as demonstrate to them how college is an important investment and can be made affordable. The module consists of a video of the UMass Dartmouth campus and some of our college students as well as a recorded Zoom panel of UMass Dartmouth students answering questions from 7th graders who attended a live Zoom event.


  •     Students will receive a college positive message
  •     Students will learn ways to make college affordable and accessible
  •     Students will learn the importance of college as a tool for a successful future
  •     Students will understand what it is like to be a student at UMass Dartmouth


  • Video (<10 min): This video shows students around the UMass Dartmouth campus with clips from students of different backgrounds talking about their college experiences.
  • Zoom Panel (<45 min): This video features a panel of students from the previous video in a Q & A with 7th grade students.
  • Social Media (<5 min): Students can follow up/ask questions on Instagram.


We are also maintaining our social media presence on Instagram (@umassdcollegepositive) so we can continue to answer questions about college.

For questions or additional information about the online module or our college positive program, please contact Deirdre Healy at

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