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Handshake is an online platform that links students and alumni directly with employers. Handshake is one of the largest networks of career services and recruiting professionals in the world.

Handshake for students

Use Handshake to:

  • View full-time jobs, part-time jobs, and internships
  • Schedule a mock interview
  • View employers registered for Career Center events
  • Connect with UMassD alumni and friends
  • Sign up for on-campus interviews with employers recruiting UMassD students

Your Handshake profile

Create your profile within Handshake, make it public, and be sure to keep it up-to-date.

Diverse job listings

Handshake offers a vast array of job and internship listings from companies across the globe. International students can filter these listings based on their eligibility, ensuring they find opportunities suited to their visa status and qualifications.

Tailored job recommendations

Based on a student's profile, major, and career interests, Handshake provides personalized job recommendations. This feature can help international students find roles that align with their unique backgrounds and aspirations.

Networking opportunities

Handshake allows students to connect directly with employers. International students can leverage this feature to network with companies interested in diverse talent and those offering sponsorship opportunities.

Career fairs and events

Many institutions use Handshake to organize career fairs and employer-led events. International students can attend these events to meet potential employers, learn about company cultures, and understand job requirements.

Workshops and training

Handshake lists workshops, seminars, and training sessions focused on resume writing, interview preparation, and other career readiness topics. Some of these may be specifically designed for international students, addressing topics like navigating the U.S. job market or understanding work visa processes.

Resources and articles

Handshake often features articles and resources that can guide students in their career journeys. International students can benefit from content that addresses their unique challenges, such as cultural differences in the workplace or visa-related queries.

Peer Insights

The platform allows students to review companies and share their internship/job experiences. International students can gain insights from peers who have similar backgrounds, helping them make informed decisions.

Direct Employer engagement

Companies on Handshake can proactively reach out to students, including international talent. This feature can increase the visibility of international students to potential employers.


By leveraging these features, international students can enhance their career readiness and increase their chances of securing meaningful employment opportunities.

Handshake for alumni

UMassD alumni can also use Handshake to search for jobs, make connections, and advance career opportunities.

Handshake for employers

  • Post free job listings for internships, part-time jobs, and full-time jobs
  • Recruit UMassD students through on-campus interviews
  • Register for career fairs and events
  • Request information sessions or tabling opportunities
  • Provide mentoring
  • Request student resumes

There is no fee for employers to post jobs or participate in on-campus recruiting at UMassD. Once logged in, you will have the opportunity to enter a job to be posted simultaneously at other Handshake schools as well.


Contact the Career Center at 508.999.8658.

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