Services and Clients

CMR provides high quality, affordable marketing assistance utilizing Center staff, faculty, students, and expert practitioners. The Center offers focus groups, market analysis, customer satisfaction studies, feasibility studies, new product development, branding, promotion/packaging and customized projects and interdisciplinary studies. The Center also has state-of-the-art online survey capability.

To hire the center or inquire about a project, please contact Nora Barnes by e-mail or at 508-999-8756.


Testimonials from previous clients

“Quality marketing research makes all the difference in producing success. The work of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research (CMR) has helped us shape our public policy priorities while focusing our resources on what really matters. The Center is an asset to the University and contributes a significant amount to the economic strength of the businesses and organizations that tap into this wonderful resource. I recommend the CMR to any business that wants quality marketing research produced with skill and efficiency. In any market, both the return on investment (ROI) and cost/benefit analysis of this research is sure to produce positive results.”

--Christopher Cooney, President and CEO, Metro South Chamber of Commerce  

“The UMASS Center for Marketing Research has provided an unmatched value for Sperian Protection's safety products research efforts. We are currently on our fourth study with the Center covering diverse issues such as brand awareness, product preferences and purchase criteria across a broad group of sectors. Students gain real life, research experience and we have gained invaluable customer insights that have driven a number of our commercial strategies. The professionalism, energy and passion that the students bring to their projects is impressive. Any organization that is looking to better understand their markets and users cannot beat the research value that this Center provides. We will continue to utilize them in the future.”

--John Montigny, VP of Marketing, Sperian Protection

“Eagle Stainless Tube & Fabrication, Inc. is pleased for the customer satisfaction survey that you and your team members, at the University of Massachusetts, provided to us. It was comprehensive and enlightening. It helps us to adjust our marketing strategies in a way that is more effective to our customers, our potential customers and us. The in depth study was as professional and all-inclusive as any of our previous studies, that have been done for us in the past by private companies.”

--Robert J. Bubencik Sr., President and CEO, Eagle Stainless Tube & Fabrication

“We were very impressed with the students assigned to our project. The students were very professional in their interactions with our staff as well as parents at each child care site. They were responsive in their communication with their YMCA Southcoast contact and had excellent communication skills. The survey results were presented in a very professional, organized document. Overall, an A+ in my humble opinion.”

--Gary Schuyler, President and CEO, YMCA Southcoast

“This was our seventh year of having studies done by UMass Dartmouth. Once again the quality was first rate- I would rate the quality here higher than some done by professional organizations charging tens of thousands of dollars. Also, I believe the students can and do get better and more answers as compared to the professionals-the folks that they interview want to work and help them (i.e college kids)...these same folks would not think twice about hanging up on a company doing similar survey work. The output from the survey was presented in a clean, concise layout and the team presented themselves and their work in a professional manner. Like with previous studies the work done here will be used to make internal process changes and in high level business planning.”

--David N. Slutz, President and CEO, Precix

“We our proud to say that we made a decision to look into the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. We can’t say enough about this program and the efforts made to accomplish the mission given to these fine students. After three months of diligent efforts, numerous telephone calls and tireless hours the students put together the final result of their survey. The package we received was professionally done with all our questions answered through a thorough investigation. Through the cross tabs, graphs and summaries the report was not only interesting but informative.”

--Robert W. Lima, Manage, R.P. Valois & Companies

“The students did an excellent job of analyzing the information and produced a superb report that has provided a rich source of information that we have been using to plan new wellness resources in conjunction with the Department of Public Health and the American Heart Association. I cannot say enough about the professional caliber of the students and their work. I consider them professionals at every level. Without the Center for Marketing Research we would have never been able to do this project.”

--David S. Weed, Psy.D., Coordinator, Healthy City Fall River

“During the past year, I had the opportunity to work directly with the Center in the development and administration of a community marketing survey. The purpose of this survey was to ascertain the views of both parents and non-parents who reside in our community and to use this data in making improvements to our overall communications/marketing efforts. I am pleased to report that as a result of this survey, we have gained a great deal of information and useful data. I would encourage others to take advantage of the Center. I think that you, as we, will find their work to be professionally well written, concise, and useful.”

--Steve Russell, Ed.D., Superintendent, Dartmouth Public Schools