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The Fortune 500 adapt to the sudden and unprecedented COVID-19 global pandemic.

How the Pandemic Impacted Social Media Use Among the Fortune 500

College-Level generation Z COVID-19 Impact Study

A breakdown of the effects of COVID-19 on GEN-Z college students

A Review and Analysis of Private School Choice in the United States

School Choice enables families to choose the educational option best suited to their children in grades K-12. The availability of these programs varies based on residence locations as each state has different School Choice options. The report will provide a holistic and detailed analysis on the Private School Choice programs in the U.S. as it is currently the segment most widely considered in the national School Choice debate.

Increases in Use of Instagram and Paid Social But Not Social Planning: Social Media Among the 2019 Inc. 500

BayCoast Bank White Paper Series: The effects of Social Medias use in Business

Oversaturation & Disengagement: The 2019 Fortune 500 Social Media Dance

The effects of high level social media interactions across media platforms

Gen Z Privacy

The following research utilized a survey approach within a mid-sized public university in Northeastern United States, yielding a random sample of Generation Z students.

The Adoption and Use of Instagram by the Inc. 500 and the Fortune 500

The importance of Instagram use in larger companies.

Millennials and Social Commerce: Brands and Buy Buttons

Trends of the Millenial generation and its use of social media commerce.

Millennials Transform Social Commerce

The importance of Instagram use in larger companies.

Picture This: Top Charities Master Visual and Social Media

A study on the usage of social media by the top charities and nonprofit organizations in the US.

College Presidents Out-Blog and Out-Tweet Corporate CEOs as Higher Ed Delves Deeper into Social Media to Recruit Students

College universities are realizing the importance of social media and blogs to recruit a new population of students.

The Missing Link In Social Media Use Among Top MBA Programs: Tracking Prospects

A study tracking the use of social media to target prospective MBA students.

Advice From Experienced Bloggers image
Behind the Scenes in the Blogosphere: Advice From Established Bloggers

In this report, respected and experienced business savvy bloggers talk about everyday challenges of running a blog and how they deal with them.

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