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Message from the Director

I am honored by this opportunity and deeply appreciate the trust placed in me. I recognize that this opportunity comes with a great responsibility that I am ready and committed to embrace.

As Director of the Kaput Center, my vision is to build upon the center's established legacy and transform it into a local and global epicenter for pioneering research and innovation, and democratizing access to STEM education. The urgency to broaden participation in STEM is recognized more than ever by federal agencies, educational philanthropies, foundations, and institutions. My plan is to dedicate our collective efforts to actively researching and addressing the issues of democratizing access in STEM education programs, supporting girls, women, and marginalized youth from historically underserved communities, with the ambition to evolve the Kaput Center into a crucial hub that connects various synergistic efforts.

As such the goal will be to engage in innovative research and collaboration to bring transformative STEM practices into PreK-16 classrooms while securing robust funding to enhance our efforts in driving innovative change in STEM education. This plan encompasses engagement with foundations and donors keen on expanding their involvement in STEM. Such funding will help us establish a robust national ecosystem of various science, technology, engineering, and math programs, along with partners spanning regions. This collaboration network will assist in shaping a diverse, inclusive, innovative, and well- equipped STEM workforce.

Over the last nine years at UMass Dartmouth, I have had a privilege to lead successful collaborations across a range of disciplines and with local community members, which have enriched my perspective and work. Based on these collaborations, my research efforts have resulted in significant contributions to STEM education, equity, and diversity, resulting in countless hours of community engagement work, 32 publications peer-reviewed research publications, over 100 research presentations nationally and internationally, and a procurement of external grants, amounting to over $5 million in funding. As I take on the role of leading the Kaput Center, I understand that achieving the mission of the Center requires collaboration and collective effort. I greatly rely on your expertise, insights, and voices to drive our work towards a more democratic, equitable, and inclusive STEM future. I appreciate your confidence in me and look forward to the exciting work ahead.

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