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Our Mission

To increase the amount and impact of service and volunteerism in the SouthCoast region of Massachusetts

Our Vision

To engage service and volunteerism as a strategy to improve the health and welfare of our communities

Our Goals

  1. To build a sustainable network for service in the region.
  2. To increase service hours and impact.
  3. To secure funding to support our mission.

Our Metrics

Goal 1

  • Increase the number of SouthCoast Serves member organizations by 10-20% annually
  • Provide 2-3 best practice trainings (ex. volunteer recruitment strategies) each year
  • Provide networking opportunities and volunteer recruitment fairs

Goal 2

  • Develop comprehensive marketing/social media campaign
  • Measure service hours and impact each year; increase hours by 10-20% annually
  • Actively promote SouthCoast 60 Pledge
  • Focus on collective impact to overcome big issues in the community

Goal 3

  • Submit 3-5 grant/gift requests each year
  • Average $30,000 in grants and/or gifts ascertained per year 
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