Liberal Arts Degree - Cape Cod

Program Details 

University Extension at UMass Dartmouth in partnership with Cape Cod Community College offers a degree completion in Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts. The Liberal Arts major is a good fit for the student interested in a variety of academic fields and who craves the intellectual challenge of a major that will foster independence, further develop critical and creative thinking and communication skills, and offer opportunity to learn outside the classroom. Upon completing this major, students will be able to:

  • Understand the diversity of disciplinary perspectives and relationships across diverse fields of knowledge;
  • Identify and formulate multidisciplinary research questions based on key concepts, literature, practices, and issues of their areas of concentration;
  • Demonstrate critical thinking and communication skills that relate their academic knowledge to civic engagement and issues in their communities;
  • Conduct research that evaluates and employs primary and secondary resources effectively, using appropriate disciplinary conventions for citation and documentation; and,
  • Develop, write, and present original analyses in clear, grammatical prose.

Contact Information

For more information, or to work with an advisor to review your transfer credits and course plans, contact:

University Extension 

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Cape Cod Community College
South Building, Room 236

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Tuition and Fees

Cape Cod program courses have an additional $45 per credit program fee attached to the total cost. Please visit our Tuition and Fees page for information.