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Admissions and Advising Questions

How do I apply for a degree program?

University Extension offers an open, rolling admissions policy—meaning you can apply at any time, as applications are reviewed continuously.


    1. Apply online or download the paper application. Do not mail a paper application if you complete the online process.
    2. Send University Extension your official transcripts. Please keep in mind: it often takes 4-6 weeks to receive outside transcripts, so request that they be sent as early as possible. You must submit official transcripts from all colleges you attended. Course descriptions are required if your courses were taken at a private or out-of-state college or university. Upon request, Massachusetts course descriptions may also need to be provided for transfer credit approval.
    3. Once complete, applicants are evaluated. Incomplete applications become VOID after 90 days.
    4. If you apply online, you are able to check your application status.

Please review our admissions process for more information.

If you were once a student at UMass Dartmouth and are reapplying to the University, please fill out our Readmission Application Form

Where can I learn about career options?

The Career Development Center, located on the lower level of the Liberal Arts (LARTS) Building, offers a full range of career services, such as help with resume writing, job searching, interview skills, and more.

What can I do if I applied to day school Admissions by mistake?

If you applied to day school Admissions by mistake and would like to obtain your degree through University Extension:

  • Please visit the Admissions Office and sign a release or write a letter to Admissions stating you would like your documentation and  official transcripts to be released to the University Extension, explaining that you applied to day school accidentally.
  • If you have already paid your day school application fee, please contact 508.910.9063 to request that, as a courtesy, your University Extension degree application fee be waived.
  • Set up an appointment as soon as possible to meet with a University Extension advisor, who will help you to begin taking courses towards your University Extension degree program.

Do I have to submit transcripts from all my previous colleges?


Students must submit official transcripts from every college or university they attended. Course descriptions are required if your course(s) were obtained at a private or out of state college/university. Upon request, Massachusetts course descriptions may need to be provided for transfer credit approval.

Please keep in mind, it often takes 4-6 weeks to receive outside transcripts. Request that they be sent to University Extension as early as possible.

How and when are my transfer credits from my other colleges applied to my UMass Dartmouth degree?

University Extension and the Dean, or a designee, of the appropriate college will determine which transfer credits will be applied towards your UMass Dartmouth degree. The minimum acceptable grade for receiving transfer credit is a C-.

Transfer credits are recorded on the student's permanent UMass Dartmouth record once the student is officially registered in a UMass Dartmouth course.

What assistance is available to me if I am experiencing academic difficulty? Are there tutoring services available?

The Academic Resource Center is a support service that provides peer tutoring and small group review sessions for UMass Dartmouth students. The Academic Resource Center offers help with writing papers and improving your study skills, as well as peer tutoring, study groups and study partners, workshops on academic issues, and individualized assessments.

Who should be informed if I have a learning disability?

The Center for Access and Success is a support organization that helps students with learning disabilities pursue their educational goals while fully adjusting to their new environment. Services provided include mobility, note taking, advocacy, alternative testing, and a referral service for interpreters. UMass Dartmouth's policy regarding admission and access to programs prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability. While applicants and enrolled students are not required to disclose a disability, it is recommended they contact the Center for Access and Success to discuss, in confidence, about possible accommodations.

Can I retake a class to improve my GPA?


You have the option to repeat an individual course at UMass Dartmouth to attempt to increase your cumulative grade point average.

However, only the appropriate UMass Dartmouth course may be used; no course taken at another institution can replace a grade of a UMass Dartmouth course. Only the most recently earned course grade (whether higher or lower) will be reflected in a students' cumulative GPA. However, all courses attempted by a student will be part of their permanent record.

Please consult your Academic Advisor before registering for the same course.