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ALABAMA, ARKANSAS, KANSAS, MARYLAND, and MINNESOTA RESIDENTS: UMass Dartmouth does not presently consider applications for online degree or certificate programs from applicants whose permanent residence is in Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, Maryland or Minnesota because of the regulations resulting from legislation in these states. For details about regulations in your state that may affect your enrollment in an online program offered by another state, you may wish to consult your state's Department of Education and/or learn about efforts of the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements. If you are a resident of Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, Maryland, or Minnesota, UMass Dartmouth welcomes your application to a face-to-face program only. 

RN-BS Online program applicants
Applications to the online RN-BS program from residents of Alabama, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Nevada, New Mexico, Minnesota, North Carolina, Texas, Washington, and West Virginia are not being considered due to regulations resulting from legislation in these states pertaining to the clinical experience requirement for this program in your state of permanent residence.

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Readmission Application

Application cost

We accept MasterCard or Visa for the non-refundable $30 application fee.

Information you will need to complete the online application

  • Personal information, including social security number and family information
  • Your residency information
  • Your emergency contact information
  • Your green card number if you are a permanent US resident,
  • Your visa status if you are an international applicant,
  • Your high school attendance and graduation dates
  • Attendance and graduation dates (if applicable) for other colleges attended.

Application notes

  • All required fields on the application have an asterisk (*).
  • Letters of recommendation and essays are not required for online and evening degree and certificate programs.
  • Use "mixed case" when entering proper name information; for example, use Jane Doe not JANE DOE or jane doe.
  • Once your application has been submitted, you cannot make corrections to it online. Please review your application carefully before you submit. If you must make a correction later, please contact 508.999.9202 or email

Additional materials

After you have completed the online application, you will need to submit additional materials.

  • Students with 24 or more transfer credits may be accepted in degree completion programs through the UMass Dartmouth transfer credit policy.
  • You will need to submit official transcripts of all previous college or university courses for which you enrolled
  • If you currently are enrolled in any courses, you will need to provide a list including institution, course number, course title, and number of credits
  • Photocopies of catalog pages with course descriptions for the work you have completed, to help us evaluate your college/university transcripts properly. Mark the courses you have taken and the college name on each page; failure to submit this information may result in our not being able to award credit

All materials should be submitted to

Online & Continuing Education 

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
285 Old Westport Road
Dartmouth, MA 02747

Once you submit the online application

After you apply online, you will receive your student identification number from UMass Dartmouth. Please include your name and your student identification number on all correspondence.

International applicants

In addition to the application for admission, the following are required:

  • Official SAT or ACT score results, unless 24 transferable credit hours have been completed at a two-year (e.g. community college) or four-year accredited institution.
  • Official Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score report, unless the student has attended, for at least one year, a school in a country where English is the sole primary language 
  • Declaration and Certification of Finances form and Affidavit of Support
  • For students being sponsored by agencies, companies, or other organizations, an affidavit of support, signed by an appropriate official, is required.

Since the application process for international students requires more time than that for other applicants, applications should be filed early in the year. This allows for a thorough review of all credentials and the assurance that details for meeting immigration regulations are followed. International students are not eligible for financial aid. 

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