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Assistant Dean of SMAST Michael Marino
Michael Marino receives recognition award

Michael Marino, Assistant Dean at the School for Marine Science & Technology, is the recipient of the 2020 Citation for Outstanding Performance from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Great white shark
Consortium forms for white shark study

SMAST scientists are among 13 organizations and institutions that have assembled to form the New England White Shark Research Consortium, which will enhance coordinated regional efforts to study white sharks.

Assistant Professor Hangjian Ling
Mechanical Engineering Professor awarded $299,778 to research maritime fuel efficiency

Assistant Professor Hangjian Ling to study hydrodynamic interactions in boat propulsion

ONRL Summit Supercomputer
UMass Dartmouth professors to use fastest supercomputer in the nation for research

Professor Sigal Gottlieb and Professor Gaurav Khanna awarded opportunity to Oak Ridge National Lab's Summit supercomputer

U.S. Department of Energy Joint Genome Institute
UMass Dartmouth Dean VanderGheynst contributes to worldwide microbiome discovery effort

Researchers from across the globe publish resource that expands known diversity of bacteria and archaea by 44%

Patagonian scallops captured by SMAST researcher Kyle Cassidy during research cruise to Argentina.
How many sea scallops are there and why does it matter?

Groundbreaking research conducted by Dr. Kevin Stokesbury of SMAST appears as this month's cover story in the Ecological Society of America's "Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment" journal.

ONR Grant presentation via Zoom
UMass Dartmouth announces $4.2M grant from U.S. Navy to fund new marine technology research projects

The latest award is the second in a series of grants from the Office of Naval Research to promote research between university faculty and regional partners

UMass Dartmouth named a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity

The University hailed for its cybersecurity teaching and research by federal agencies

A snapshot of the eye drop simulation by a UMassD EAS-CSE graduate student, Cory Hoi.
NSF awards Alfa Heryudono & Mehdi Raessi $200K

Associate Professor of Mathematics Dr. Heryudono & Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering Dr. Raessi will collaborate on a project to develop fast and accurate methods to numerically simulate the deposition of eye drops on biomimetic 3D models of human eye.

Image of merging black holes courtesy of LIGO
Gaurav Khanna awarded $75K for black hole research

Dr. Khanna’s research sheds light on many different aspects of black hole physics.

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