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Below is a list of student employment opportunities that are possible through the Leduc Center. Any openings will be posted on Corsair Jobs (which is also where you would go to apply).

America Reads/Counts Tutor

Description: The America Reads/Counts Tutors are placed at preschools, local elementary schools and after-school programs to help students read at grade level and improve math skills. The program runs every week day (with the exception of holidays) and has flexible hours. Transportation is provided by the University.

Qualifications: Interest in working with young people (pre-K through 5th grade)

Job Type: Federal work-study, volunteer, or internship

Artist in Residence

Description: The artist in residence will have the passion for creative artistic impression using paint and/or other design mediums. The primary aspect of the job is to help develop a visual identity for the Leduc Center, which includes working to design logos, brochures, and various promotional materials for the Leduc Center’s programs.

Qualifications: Design or painting experience; desire to use creative energy

Job Type: Federal work-study

College Positive Tour Guide

Description: College Positive Tour Guides help lead middle school students on a tour of campus.

Qualifications: Interest in interacting with middle school students to encourage them to consider a college education; must be personable and outgoing

Job Type: Federal work-study or volunteer 

Financial Literacy Intern

Description: Financial Literacy Interns are placed at after-school programs to help elementary and middle school students develop their financial literacy skills.

Qualifications: Interest in work with young people; must be able to work independently

Job Type: Non-work-study


Description: The photographer will have a keen eye and skill in photography. The primary aspect of the job is taking photographs at events and programs sponsored by the Leduc Center.

Qualifications: Experience in photography – sharp eye for detail and capturing moments. Please note, you will need to supply your own camera.

Job type: Federal work-study

Social Media Intern

Description: The social media intern is responsible for maintaining the Leduc Center's social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Qualifications: Experience using Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Job Type: Federal work-study


Description: The writer/reporter should possess strong English language and grammatical skills and have the knack for interviewing people and crafting good stories.

Qualifications: Interest in journalism/feature writing; passion for capturing details and telling the story

Job Type: Federal work-study