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The Labor Education Center (LEC) has recently lead a powerful and creative training for the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) in New Jersey (March 26, 2016). The training was conducted by the new labor educator Camilo Viveiros and the LEC Director Kim Wilson. The LEC team was honored to lead this training along with the help and support of a proud group of ATU leaders.

The ATU International and the NJ Locals are committed to providing training for ATU members. The goal is to build unity, knowledge and strength that will allow us to fight back against the organized efforts/campaigns that are looking to destroy us. 

We are pleased to share the following "ATU TRAINING TO WIN" video of the event.  


WILD 30th Annual Summer Institute

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WILD is an inspirational educational program that provides women with the leadership vision, confidence and skills to become more effective leaders and organizers in the Massachusetts labor movement. Workshops in leadership development, understanding racism, and practical knowledge and skills related to building worker power and a just society.  

Join us on June 24, 25 and 26 with a diverse group of women from all over the state for a weekend of education, confidence and relationship building. 





Recent Immigrant Worker Organizing Victories in New Bedford

This is a very exciting time for organizing in SE Mass.  We have had an amazing victory with immigrant recycling workers who organized, and won, an NLRB election with the UFCW 328 at Bob's Tires.  The group came from, and is a strong part of the Community Worker Center in New Bedford, known in Spanish as the CCT.  These are among the most exploited workers in the area and they are now bargaining their first contract.  There has also been an important win at the NORPEL, a seafood processing plant, the immigrant workers there just won a $50,000 settlement negotiated with the National Labor Relations Board.  



SE Mass Labor Education Center Steering Committee Members On the Move

Heartfelt congratulations go to our long term supporters, and Steering Committee members, Peter Knowlton for being elected General President of the United Electrical Workers Union and Tim Melia for being elected to President of UFCW 328.  We are so proud of our friends.  


It's been nearly a year, please make note

Come visit us at 257 Union St., downtown New Bedford

We have a new set of offices and a library lounge space.  There is room to join us for lunch and wifi to use!



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‌Diane Cruz, a retired member of AFSCME Local 507, participated in a state wide commemoration of workers killed or injured on the job, Worker Memorial Day.‌


 Join us as we celebrate 40 years of Education that workers can put to work