News News: UMass Dartmouth Labor History Mural
UMass Dartmouth Labor History Mural

(near the corner of Sixth & Spring Streets in New Bedford, MA)

The New Bedford Labor History Mural Project began at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, Arnold M. Dubin Labor Education Center. The Center provides leadership which supports union and community activists to create public art in their honor. This mural was created in October 2001 by Dan Devenny, noted muralist from Belfast, Ireland.  It is located near the corner of Sixth and Spring Streets. Funding came from the Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities, the UMass Dartmouth Arnold M. Dubin Labor Education Center, the Community Building Mini-grants Program, the company and workers of Riverside Clothing and many labor unions and individuals. Thanks to the many volunteers and our state senator.

New Bedford is a city of immigrant workers who arrived speaking Portuguese, English, French, Crioulo, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish and Quiche (Mayan) to build a vibrant community. Their extraordinary labor on the oceans, the waterfront, the mills, and the land has built our city and dignified their work. These workers joined in a community that has defended runaway slaves and fought against runaway jobs in a society whose legal systems helped both the slave catchers and the corporations. Through unions, churches and clubs, they continue to build a more diverse community. This mural stands as a lasting memorial to one of New Bedford’s most noted residents and other lesser-known leaders and workers who have had such a tremendous impact on our city’s past and present.